Eating like a bodybuilder will help you build muscle and lose excess weight.

In this connection it is appropriate to consider such dietary intake as "Tipper" or "supercompensation glycogen." A week before the start of the responsible athlete gives exhausting physical activity; at the same time removed from his diet foods that contain carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereals, sugar). You can buy anabolic steroids for sale with cheap price and best quality from our site. The diet during this period should be protein and fat, and it is advisable to include foods rich in fiber - cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, which should be thoroughly chewed. Against the background of the protein-fat diet for three days of intensive training conducted fairly. Then, in the remaining time, the athlete transferred to the diet rich in carbohydrates, while the intensity of the load reaches the limit. This diet should include a variety of foods containing starch, glycogen, as well as sweets, carbohydrate and mineral PPBTS orientation and always fruit and vegetables. What is it like to be a bodybuilder? It should be emphasized that during Tipper need to pay attention to the individual characteristics of its course. For example, an athlete upset stomach may occur when the protein-fat diet, and nausea.

Having a balanced diet is a must in bodybuilder’s life.

The effect of exposure Tipper achieved within one day. It is only important to comply with the order and the correct diet and exercise. It is not always easy to be a true natural bodybuilder. If possible, the training period in carbohydrate diet may be omitted altogether.

Tipper was in the practice of sport widely used, especially in endurance training. However, it must be remembered that a first power supply circuit should be carried out in less demanding situations, for example, than in step competitive preparation. Every bodybuilder is interested in making his body muscular and strong. In addition, observation of athletes show that not always and in all cases, a positive effect is achieved (typically only 50-60% of cases). Perhaps this is due to the individual characteristics of energy metabolism and the body of athletes.

A female bodybuilder is constantly aware of what enters her body.

An important factor limiting high athletic performance, are the loss of water and salts, and as a consequence - a violation of thermoregulation of an athlete. Water losses during moderate exertion for 1 hour front athlete weighing 70 kg reach 1.5-2 liters / hour (at temperature 20-25 ° C). Be smart if you plan to buy anabolic steroids for sale online, take the tips above seriously. With such a load, if it were not for thermoregulation, body temperature could rise to 11 ° C above the norm. It should again be emphasized that the only reliable way to physiologically correct compensate the loss of water and salts - is to use a special solution of glucose and potassium salts and sodium in small portions over 10-15 minutes. fluid intake should not exceed 1 liter / hour, and it is desirable that the temperature was in the range 12-15 ° C. This is due to the positive influence of the cooling of the mouth and nasopharynx processes thermoregulation.

Very often, before the competition it is necessary to reduce body weight ( "sgonki weight"). Every bodybuilder should basically follow a training program and healthy high protein diet. This is especially true for all kinds of wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, figure skating, weightlifting, and others. Many athletes are forced to set such a task. And it is right. The basic principle of weight loss is the use of low-calorie or low-calorie diets.

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